Diploma in Manipulative Therapy (DManip)


The Manipulative Therapy course leads the student through more detailed anatomy with emphasis on examination procedures and specific techniques for each particular joint.

To gain a Diploma in Manipulative Therapy the student must:

1.     already hold a Diploma in Advanced Remedial Massage / Sports Massage at Level 5

2.     attend 105+ hours of training over 3 x 5 days (15 days).

3.     practice the practical skills learned

4.     attain the required standard, passing the final practical assessment on a member of the public.

5.     compile the required case studies to the standard required and submit

6.     have the attitude and professionalism required for a professional Manipulative Therapist.


Entry requirements:


Hold a Diploma in Advanced Remedial Massage (Level 5), or equivalent qualification at Level 5 / degree level with at least a year's clinical practice working with a variety of clients.


If you are not sure you satisfy the criteria for joining the Manipulative Therapy Course, please email or phone the office for clarification.


Time and motivation are necessary for the home study required, as well as a reasonable level of fitness. 


Balens Insurance will cover you to be a Manipulative Therapist.