Birth & Postnatal Massage

3 days - FEDANT accredited Post-Graduate workshop


Through this full 3-day training you will learn:
* movements and positions for childbirth
* gentle relaxation and guided meditation exercises for pregnancy

  and childbirth
* acupressure and massage techniques for childbirth
* positioning, contraindications and techniques to help restore

  and maintain the mother’s well being
* techniques to extinguish trigger points reducing referred pain in

  the abdomen and back
* structural rebalancing of the Erector Spinae and Lumbodorsal

  Fascia and Iliopsoas through gentle restorative breathing and

  relaxation, and where necessary hands-on release work
* restoration of the abdomen (skin, connective tissue,

  musculature, abdominal organs)
* how to normalise Diastus Recti (separation of the abdominal

* how to perform post-operative and scar tissue release work on

  caesarean sections
* working with a postnatal woman on a holistic level including

  tools for relaxation, calmness and self-confidence
* how to identify and signpost for support for pregnancy and birth-

  related traum
* how to advise on postnatal care and support.


This workshop is run by Onie Tibbett and Krista Black

21 hours / CPD points

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Entry Requirements: Swedish Massage or Level 3 Massage plus Anatomy & Physiology Qualifications


Desirable (but not essential): KnotStressed Pregnancy Massage Training Qualification


Dates in Edinburgh:


  • 18th-20th Sept 2023


Cost: 340 (including a comprehensive set of photographic course handouts)