Introduction to Bach Flower Remedies 



The Bach Flower Remedies are simple, effective, safe, inexpensive and user-friendly remedies for easing mental and emotional issues and stress. They are also a very affordable way to care for yourself and your family.


The Remedies are a complete healing system, developed by Dr Edward Bach, a Harley Street physician and homeopath, in the 1930s, and used all over the world today. Whilst very effective, the remedies are extremely gentle, and can be safely used in pregnancy; whilst on medication; with children, babies and pets.


You may have used Rescue Remedy to help yourself or others deal with nerves, a crisis, or other time of stress did you know that Rescue Remedy is actually a mixture of just 5 of the 38 remedies in the system? Rescue Remedy will usually help us through the worst of a difficult time, but with all 38 remedies at your disposal, you can do much more than just crisis management.


Among many other problems, there are Bach Remedies to help with:

  • Repetitive unwanted thoughts and worries

  • Lack of confidence and fear of failure

  • Finding it difficult to say no to others

  • Unhappiness with the way we look

  • Feeling overwhelmed by responsibilities

  • Resentment and jealousy

  • Fear and worry about those close to you

  • Struggling to find the right path in life

  • Oversentivity to others around you


Dates: TBC 2024, 1:30-4:30pm

Location: Edinburgh Academy Junior School


Cost: 50