Course Tutors


Lorna Forrester RMT, DCA, DiR, DOSM, DIHM, DSM, SMTO - Principal of Scottish Massage Schools. Lorna is a practising Remedial & Sports Massage Therapist, Clinical Aromatherapist, Reflexologist and On-Site Chair and Indian Head Massage Therapist in Edinburgh, and runs her own company offering Massage in the Workplace to businesses throughout the UK.


Barbara Fairbairn DSM, RMT, SMTO - one of the leaders of the Swedish Massage course in Edinburgh. Barbara works in a busy practice using Swedish, Remedial & Sports Massage, Emotional Freedom Technique and Thai Foot Massage.


Lori Smith DARM, DSEM, DRSM, DiR, DSM, Med Acu, SMTO - Leader of the Swedish and Remedial & Sports Massage courses in Ellon. Lori runs busy clinics in Ellon and Peterhead where she practices Swedish, Advanced Remedial & Sports Massage, Hot Stones & Aromatherapy Facial Massage, Reflexology, Kinesio Taping and Medical Acupuncture.


Gary Morrison DARM, DRSM, DSM, Med Acup, SMTO - Leader of the Swedish and Remedial & Sports Massage courses in Inverness. Gary runs a busy clinic in Huntly where he practises Remedial & Sports, Advanced Remedial Massage and Medical Acupuncture therapies.


Katy Master DARM, DRSM, DSM, Med Acup, SMTO - Leader of the Swedish Massage courses in the Borders and Edinburgh. Katy runs a busy massage practice in Coldingham, using Advanced Remedial Massage and Medical Acupuncture. She is also a trained Oncology Massage practitioner, and works for Lavender Touch in the Scottish Borders.


Mel Broughton DARM, DRSM, DOSM, DSM, Med Acu, SMTO - One of the leaders of the Swedish Massage course in Edinburgh. She also runs the On-site Chair Massage course. Mel works in a busy practice using Remedial & Sports Massage, Advanced Remedial Massage and offers On-site Chair Massage in several companies.


Gareth Phillips DARM, DRSM, DSM, Med Acu, SMTO - Leader of the Remedial & Sports Massage course in Edinburgh. Gareth runs a busy clinic in Kirknewton, West Lothian using Advanced Remedial Massage and Medical Acupuncture. He also works with Edinburgh Rugby Academy players.


Jill Tees DARM RMT DCA DIR SMTO – Leader of the Clinical Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Indian Head Massage courses in Edinburgh. Jill runs her own therapy practice in Cowdenbeath, Fife and incorporates essential oils and hydrolats into a variety of her other therapies, to enhance treatment effects of remedial work.

Jill enjoys ‘playing’ with the plants as well as the oils, and encourages their use in a variety of ways for use throughout the home. Jill is qualified in Herbal Medicine. 


Gavin Cooper DARM, DSpM, DThM, SMTO – Leader of the Sports Event Therapy course in Perth. Gavin teaches full-time on the BSc Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation course at Perth College, University of Highlands & Islands. He also runs a clinic part-time in the Fife area as an Advanced Remedial Massage Therapist.

Sport is Gavin's passion! He is a keen cyclist, racing competitively since the age of 15, but has been involved in a variety of sports from a participation, organisational and treatment perspective, for over 20 years.


Maxime Neill - DO, RMT, DSM, Med Acu - Leader of the Advanced Remedial Massage course in Edinburgh.

Maxime spent many years training for the National Judo Team, where she first encountered massage and Osteopathy.

Maxime graduated from The British School of Osteopathy with a master’s degree, with distinction. Since graduating she has worked in private practice in London. She now runs her own busy osteopathic clinic in Edinburgh.


Dr Robert Goodrum PT. DO. COC. MSc. ITEC. FA. MCSP. SRP Robbie is Registered with The General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) and he is a state registered Physiotherapist HPC. He is a member of the chartered society of Physiotherapists, and a member of ITEC, the International examination council, as a Sports Therapist and Sports massage therapist.  Robbie has worked in the UK for 13 years as a clinician in his own clinic in Essex. Robbie's interests are spinal problems, sport injuries and health and wellness. He had contracts with Ford motor company for over 10 years. Robbie owns an International therapy school teaching Manual Therapy. He is Director and Principal of Goodrum Papaphotis Seminars.


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