Reiki Healing - Level 1

1 day with Jill Tees


Reiki healing is a simple yet effective form of energy healing that can help ease mental stress whilst supporting emotions and physical energy. Learning Reiki 1 introduces you to self healing and empowers you with the skills and awareness to practise healing on family and friends.


Reiki has found increased awareness in the West. The healing energy is effective yet gentle as the person receiving only absorbs what they need to bring their health and wellbeing back into balance. It can be safely used in pregnancy; with medication; with children, babies and pets.


Among many other issues, Reiki can help with:

  • insomnia
  • anxiety
  • fluctuations in energy levels
  • relaxation of body and mind
  • focus and concentration
  • a sense of wellbeing


The 1 day course teaches you how to practise Reiki whilst seated or lying down. Hand positions are also shown for self healing. The cost includes a full day of training, attunement to Reiki 1 energy and course manual workshop is full of self-help awareness and stress management techniques, have forgotten to enable you to help yourself on a regular basis.


Location: Curl Aberdeen

Dates: TBA


Location: Edinburgh Academy Junior School

Dates: TBA


Cost: 125